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911 SURVEILLANCE formerly known as Cellwaves Technologies, an American consulting company founded in 2003. Over the past 15 years, the company has taken partnership with several NYC U.S based security companies, to include Gardini Protective Services, Dignitary Protective Services and Dignitary Special Services.

In 2017, 911 SURVEILLANCE shareholders decided for the company to go International, covering Eastern Europe “Georgia”, the Middle East “Iraq” and Northern Africa “Morocco”.

The company was founded by former- retired U.S Diplomat and 0fficer Michael F. The company leadership is formed of former officers from the Georgian Ministry of Defense and United States Central Intelligence Agency. The company team experiences and knowledge is based on training and field practices received part from war combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, Part from specialized training in the United States and leading European countries. The team has been awarded with the highest combat Medal of Honor and many other deserved awards.

911 SURVEILLANCE professional expertise covers a wide array of security services, to include anti-terrorism combat training, technical security production, security survey assessments, situational security awareness, and client based custom security Training. The company portfolio speaks for itself. The company main focus is to combat terrorism in any shape, size or location.


911 SURVEILLANCE professional expertise covers a wide range of security services, including counterterrorism training, security production safety investigation assessments, security awareness
and customized training focused on customer safety. The portfolio of the company speaks for itself. The main goal of the company is to fight the terrorism in any form, size or location.


911 SURVEILLANCE is authorized by the Moroccan government to provide the following services:

- Carriage of funds

- Security dogs

- Surveillance systems

- Security

- Cleaning

- Guarding

Our services are provided to all types of organizations:

- Security dogs

- Surveillance systems

- and more

- Banks

- Health clinics

- Universities

- Residential neighborhoods

- Private security

- Vip security

- Hospital security

- Hotels


- 911 SURVEILLANCE is the first US security company authorized to operate in Morocco
- 911 SURVEILLANCE is the second security company in Morocco authorized by the Moroccan government
- 911 SURVEILLANCE is a Premier member of the Minister of the House of American trade


911 SURVEILLANCE has the following technical means:
- Inspection vehicle
- Fixed radio station (P.C)
- Portable posts (group leader)
- Radio dispatcher operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
- Electronic Round Controllers and Metal Detectors
- Reflective mirrors to control vehicles and rescue equipment